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Thom: Family Photos

As I prepared to move to Des Moines, I had to wrap up sessions with my Indy clients (well - more like put a hold on Indy sessions, because I'll be back soon enough). I'm so glad that my last spring Indiana session was with the Thom family!

These guys are some of my most regular clients! Every few years we get together to update their family photos, and we always have the best time!

This time we made sure to get a few updated shots of John and Tarah! They don't have any pictures of just the two of them since their wedding a few years ago! Well, problem solved.

I got to meet the newest addition - little Gertie! She and her brother Micah just adore their big sister, Haley. Honestly, she reminds me a lot of myself. I was always taking care of my siblings, too. Haley, you rock for all that you do and I know you'll be incredibly blessed for your responsibility and helpfulness and good attitude.

What beautiful scenery for a beautiful family! I'm so glad Tarah recommended this little path at the Big Blue River Trailhead in Shelbyville. The bridges and woods were awesome. I love new spots!

Thom family, I hope to see you soon! Same for all of you Hoosier families! I'll be back in Indy before you know it! And, if you want to reach out about setting up a session, please do!

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