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Shoaf: Family Photos

When I visited Indiana last month, I had the opportunity to visit my Aunt Teresa and Uncle John's farm in Columbus. It was a beautiful day to see family members and get in some photos of their eldest daughter's family.

My cousin Ashley and her husband and kids were also visiting Indiana that week. Though, their drive was much long than mine - they live in Arizona. The kids are so used to Arizona heat that they didn't even mind how hot it was outside!

We had a great time thinking up shots and poses. I love that the kids had input on what they wanted to do. For example, little Amelia wanted a mermaid pose, which apparently means laying on your tummy with your feet up. Charlotte wanted her picture in the "fairy tree." Honestly, this is why I love kids so much - their imaginations are awesome!

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! Thanks for thinking of me, Aunt Teresa!

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