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Chanthongthip: Anniversary & Family Photos

How funny is it that my first paying clients in Iowa are also transplants? Haha! Meet the Chanthongthip family! I know them from church - we all moved in this summer. I noticed them because their kids are so darn cute! When Lara contacted me about a photo shoot, I was thrilled!

The shoot was in celebration of her and Scott's 10-year anniversary. I remember when Lara asked if it would be weird if she wore her wedding dress, with him in his tux. My reply was literally, "THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!"

If you've followed this account at all, you know we embrace the silly and unique here. I absolutely love this family/anniversary/wedding session - whatever it is! Getting the kids involved in commemorating their parents' wedding is ingenious! If anyone else wants to tackle this idea, I want to help! Let's make it happen!

Lara and Scott, happy anniversary! Your beautiful family is an amazing legacy and tribute to your love, and I think these photos capture that so well!

Who knew all the cool people end up in Des Moines? Chanthongthip family, stay awesome!

P.S. Don't you just love this location? The Capitol Building is stunning, with all it's gold color. And the cityscape? It's perfection! Welcome to Des Moines!

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