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Jacie: Make the Best Dressed List

On my FAQ page, I include a short description of ideal clothing options. It read:

Oftentimes simplicity is best. Avoid small, intricate patterns or neon colors. Stark blacks and whites also don’t photograph well, and reds and pinks are spotty. I suggest a group of coordinating hues, such as various shades of blue or yellow, or rich emerald and ruby jewel tones. As for footwear, athletic shoes are not recommended. If our session will take us through mud and rough terrain, consider bringing an athletic pair and a nicer pair. Ultimately, the wardrobe decision is up to the client. If you feel good, you'll enjoy the process more!

Let me break that out for you a bit more. Here are my top tips for picking outfits for a photo shoot:

1. Colors: Colors are great! But, please avoid neon, rainbows, or stark blacks and whites next to each other - they just won't look good on camera. Also, consider coordinating colors instead of strict matching. For example, blue and yellow go well together, or a light pink and dusty green.

2. Patterns: These are tricky. Remember, the tinier and more intricate the pattern, the less likely it'll stand out. But, the larger and bolder the pattern, the more likely it'll detract from the other important parts of the photo - the movements, lights, smiles, and nature. When in doubt, I'd avoid too many patterns. The same can be said of large graphics.

3. Texture: Texture is the opposite of pattern. Textured clothes can really stand out well in a beautiful way! Sweaters with a chunky knitting structure, tops with some braiding or knots, skirts with lots of tulle, baby outfits with ruffles - all of these look awesome on camera!

4. Comfortability: This is so important! If you're not comfortable in your clothes, that will show in the final images. Pick clothes you actually like, not because they look good on Instagram, but because they make you feel good and they fit the tone of our session. Think about the weather, too - you won't want to get goose bumps or sweat constantly during the session. For example, if we're taking engagement pictures in a hilly area in January, pick an outfit that makes you feel confident and that includes good walking shoes and a coat!

Ultimately, it's important that you LOVE how you look in these images. So, follow my suggestions or break the rules - it's all up to! Wear clothes that make you feel natural, like you. If you're happy, the pictures will show that. As a photographer, I really can't ask for much more!

Take a look at some of these best-dressed clients in the images below! Maybe you'll get a few ideas.

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