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Carissa: Head Shot Photos

I made a new friend here in Des Moines! Meet Carissa! She's a photographer and we met up last month exchange head shot services.

You can find Carissa's business here. She's so talented, and I will share her photos of me soon.

Carissa needed new head shots for her day job (let's face it, most of us photographers have full-time jobs). She brought her A-game! Wouldn't you want to do business with her? She looks so powerful and competent (and after meeting her, I can assure you that she is both!).

Our location by the central library in downtown Des Moines definitely added to the professional vibe. Urban, strong, and even cool - that's how I'd describe it! I have so many urban Iowa photo shoots in mind - I really need to get them scheduled!

Thanks for meeting with me, Carissa! I can't want to see you again! :)

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