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Fair: Family Photos

I've been truly blessed to meet great people in Iowa so far. People who love their families and who help their neighbors. Iowans are top-notch people in my book.

I've met many great people through church, and the Fairs are one of those families. I was delighted to work with Christine in bringing her family together for images they can treasure for years to come!

Christine let me know that she hadn't had updated photos since they moved to Iowa a few years back; well, we took care of that! Getting pictures on this particular afternoon was important because the kids and grandkids were all available. Because of the wind and cold weather, we had to drastically cut our session time. But, we didn't let that stop us from taking advantage of having the family together. I'm always proud of that flexibility - I try to work with clients to get the best images possible in whatever conditions available. In this case, we had to limit our time, but we still had a great session and captured lovely smiles.

Photographing teens and kids is always a treat for me. Aren't they fun? As an aunt and older sister, Hayley has a lot of little boys to look out for. I work with her in the youth group at church, so I've gotten to know her a bit and I feel confident that she's up for the challenge.

Thanks for working with me, Fair family! As the holidays approach, I hope you can enjoy more time together!

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