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Jacie: Say "Thanks" to Your Photographer

November is the time for gratitude, right? Over the years, I've had several touching moments with clients that have made me feel appreciated. In fact, last week I received a hand-written note in the mail from a proud mother thanking me for new pictures of her son. She thanked me profusely and complimented my talents. My heart melted.

I thought I'd share some of my ideas on thankfulness so that you can show gratitude to the photographer in your life! So, here's my carefully-curated list (photos below taken by Carissa Daughtry, edited by Jacie Farris):

1. Say "thanks" in a timely manner. I've been in a few situations where I've shared a finished album with a client and I've heard nothing in return. Don't get me wrong - I get that people are busy. I can be patient. I can even take negative feedback. But, when I send that gallery out, it'd be really nice to know that the email has been received. Send a confirmation note. Send a thank you text. Heck, let me know if something is wrong! But communication is always good, and getting a reply from clients in a timely manner makes me feel like my time and talents are validated.

2. Print off your photos or use them in some way. Photographers love to see you post the finished images on Facebook and Instagram (please, don't use a filter on those carefully edited masterpieces). Even better than that, though, is knowing that the images are printed and framed in your home. If you use my images as decor, let me know! Send me a picture of the finished product! It'll truly make my day.

3. Send a tip. First, let me say that this is NOT necessary. It's up to photographers to charge the right amount for their services (so, please, don't haggle - pricing is a delicate matter). But, if you were blown away by the service and finished images, you are welcome to send a tip. I've received a few tips in the past of varying amounts and they have always made me feel appreciated. In turn, they've made me appreciate my generous clients even more.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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