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Jacie: A Photographer's Christmas List (Part 2)

A few years ago I wrote a blog about the gadgets I would want for Christmas to help my photography business. Since it's been awhile, and since I get questions from loved ones, I thought I'd update my list.

Because most of my family and friends don't actually know which gadgets I want and need, I usually include links to Amazon or other online stores.

If you have a photographer friend, these might be good gift ideas for them! Or, maybe you can recommend better versions of the tools for me! Either way, I hope this blog helpful in some way.

  • Camera neck strap: I cannot tell you how uncomfortable the standard camera neck strap is. It really doesn't distribute the weight properly, and it leaves my already weak neck and shoulders feeling terrible, especially after long sessions. Plus, they're boring. I really think these cute neck straps I found on Amazon could help a lot. I already have one that I use with my main camera, but a second one for my other camera would be useful.

  • SD cards and lens caps: I always lose my lens caps (one is in the Ohio River...ooops), and you can never have enough high storage SD cards (one wedding will fill it right up).

  • Phone camera lens: With some much promotion happening on social media, a nice phone lens could help me market myself more efficiently without having to take my camera out all the time.

  • Remote: A camera remote is really the best way to do self-portraiture, and that's one way I practice my craft. This remote is definitely high on my wish list!

  • Extra battery: My batteries hold a charge for awhile, but it's always nice to have backups (especially during weddings). This one would be the perfect gift to reduce wedding stress!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thanks for always supporting me!

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