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Wilkinson: Anniversary Photos

Let me preface this post by saying...this was one of my FAVORITE SESSIONS EVER! First, because I love the Wilkinson family! Second, because I love Steak N Shake!

I should explain why I love these guys so much! Victoria, Gage, and Eliza are some of the best people on this planet! I've known Victoria and Gage for a few years now and I am so thrilled that we are friends. I admire them so much for they way they help and serve others. I've known Eliza-Bear since her birth in February. I was honored to be one of the first people to visit her in the hospital when she was born!

If I'm honest, I have to admit that I love Steak N Shake almost as much as my friends. I spent years of my life here! Family lunches, late-night trips with friends - there are so many good memories there. The nostalgia is even better than the chocolate milkshakes and chicken tenders (which are amazing)!

You might be wondering why we took wedding photos in a Steak N Shake. Well, Victoria wanted to get some pictures for their anniversary in December, and she wanted to show the progress of their relationship. On their first date, they went roller skating and ate at this exact Steak N Shake. Now, they're married and have the cutest daughter. So we decided to combine all of those elements for one over-the-top photo shoot (approved by Steak N Shake - I called ahead to ask permission).

One of the hardest things about moving away from Indiana is moving away from friends, but I love catching up with them when I get the chance! (Also, check out Victoria's hair!)

At least Des Moines is getting it's first Steak N Shake, so I don't have to miss that much longer! Haha!

This session was full of smiles and laughs, and not only from the clients. They were from me, too. Thanks, friends, for working with me. See you soon!

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