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Jacie: Best of 2019

Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to many adventures in 2020! But I want to acknowledge 2019 for all that it was - a wild ride. We moved to a new state, where I lived by myself for six weeks. I had my first surgery (appendectomy). We bought a new car, which wasn't in the plan but still a big improvement from what we had before. I read tons of books. I visited a new temple (Winter Quarters). I started a new job. I discoverd a green smoothie that actually tastes good. Wow, this year has been full of trials but also full of miracles (especially that green smoothie part). I'm excited and nervous for what 2020 brings. Who's ready?

As we see how the new year unfolds, here's a look back at some of m favorite images from 2019.

Let me thank all my 2019 clients for supporting my business and believing in my talents. I'm thankful to have people across states who keep building me up! Thank you!

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