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Jacie: Unique Photo Sessions

Calling them "unique," "weird," "different," "strange," or "odd" makes no difference to me and doesn't change this one fact: I love unique photo sessions!

When people approach me about photos, we cover the basic information about location and props. Sometimes, in the process, I get really special requests - like taking anniversary pictures in a Steak N Shake - or I show up and get surprised with some off-the-wall outfit changes! I really do love it all! So, here is a list (and a little peak) at just a few f the unique photo sessions I've had.

1. I've photographed sports jerseys and hoodies - and even some video game clothing! Just don't ask me which ones.

2. I've photographed so many pets, from dogs to horses!

3. I've photographed events with some really unique themes, including a Disney bridal shower and a board game wedding reception.

4. I've photographed families of all sizes (including my own - I have 69 first cousins).

5. I've photographed anniversary photos at Steak N Shake and the Iowa State Capitol Building (there's nothing better than wearing your wedding outfits and being surrounded by all the kids you've had since you've worn those clothes last).

6. I've waded through all kinds of vegetation and mud for good pictures, and I had the mosquito bites to prove it!

7. I've traveled to different parts of Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and Utah to meet clients where they live.

8. I've worked in woods in random parks that Google can't find, and I've shot pictures in front of theaters and hotels in downtown Indianapolis.

9. I've captured a number of hobbies inducing reading, soccer, Star Wars (yes, there were light saber props), Pokemon, and krav maga!

10. I've photographed some really cool wedding details such as a Star Wars cake, a guest experience from a giraffe stuffed animal, and a special Latina dance!

11. I've played on so many parks with my clients and their children that I've lost count.

12. I've witnessed an older brother crashing a cake smash session for his baby sister and a surprise proposal!

13. I've developed a love for working in libraries after I did a baby announcement photo shoot there!

14. When possible, I've shot in sun, rain, fog, and even snow!

These are just a few of my favorites from the list, but I could go on and on. So the next time you have a unique, off-the-wall idea for a photo shoot, call me. I'd be thrilled to make your vision a reality!

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