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William: Senior Photos

Senior year for 2020 graduates is shaping up to be quite different than they anticipated, I'm sure. My heart goes out to them. I don't miss high school, but I did make some good memories, and many of them were during my senior year. I had my first boyfriend (shout out to my now-husband), I was editor-in-chief of our student newspaper, I got to play a Disney song for my final cello solo, and got to attend two proms. I do remember facing a terrible ice storm that forced us to make up school days after we already graduated. But compared to this, that was nothing.

I was really pleased to meet William, who was in good spirits despite the craziness around us. His mom and I had to stay in regular communication to find a location that was open to the public but also gave us the space we needed. We also confirmed that no one had been sick for weeks before meeting up.

William was a gem. He was mostly getting these pictures for his mom, but he was such a good sport. He smiled and tried different posing methods that I suggested. He was so polite and kind - a great example of the class of 2020!

I'd be remiss if I didn't add that William will be joining the Air Force after graduation. He told me a bit about his plans for training in Texas come August. I wish him safety and health. God bless all of our service men and women, and kudos to young people who are inspired to serve!

With all the madness happening around us, I'm grateful for this photo session. I'm grateufl for a beautiful city and nice clients. I'm grateful for every opportunity to get fresh air. I'm grateful I have a business I enjoy. William, thanks for kicking off my spring season with such a nice experience.

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