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Jacie: How does pricing work?

The first question I always get asked is about money. Don't worry, I get it. We're all on budgets, so you won't get any judgment from me.

Pricing is up to every individual photographer, but we set our prices according to the value we place on our time, talents, and education. Therefore, the adage "you get what you pay for" seems to really stand up in the photography world. If you're looking for a bargain, you will find it. This person might have less experience, an unidentified style, poor communication and customer service skills, amateur equipment, etc. The seasoned photographers set their prices based on their experience and knowledge, investments they've made in education and equipment, their high-quality business acumen, and an understanding of what their time and talents are worth. The location seems to matter, too; East and West Coast photographers charge a lot more for their services than Midwest photographers do.

I don't write this to knock the newbie with the bargain. I was there just a few years ago and many people took a chance on me. I am so appreciative of that! But, since 2013, I've upgraded my equipment, taken a few courses, set up professional communication tools and guidelines, and gained a ton more experience. Naturally, my prices have increased over the years!

Now, I pride myself on fair and steady pricing. I raise prices every once in awhile as my business improves, but I never want those numbers to shock my beloved clients. The homepage of this website says, "JC Photography & Design takes great pride in working closely with all clients to provide quality service and photographs while also respecting the various budget and time constraints of each individual." This statement is very important to me. While I know I need to be paid fairly according to the time and effort I put into my work, I also want all people to feel like they can work with me. I refuse to try to sell anyone on a package that they cannot afford.

I remember being a poor senior in high school and a newly-engaged college student and thinking, "I'm going to have to sacrifice quality to get these milestone pictures in my budget." That's a sad feeling (and not one that photographs well). I don't want other people to feel that way. So, between my mini and full sessions and a number of wedding packages (not to mention fun discounts here and there), I have tried to set my pricing at a reasonable rate for all. I believe each price point on my pricing page reflects a session that is fair to me and all of my clients in regards to timing and number of finished images.

So if you are looking for great pictures and aren't sure where to start, please reach out to me. I'd be happy to talk over a project with you and see how we can help each other.

Also, while I know budget is at the top of everyone's mind, here are some other questions you should ask when considering photographers, so that you get a professional with a style you like:

  • Do I like bold colors or muted tones?

  • Do I like dark shadows or airy lightness?

  • Do I like posed photos or candid photos?

  • Do I want multiple outfit changes or just one outfit?

  • Do I want indoor studio images or outdoor images?

  • How much experience does this photographer have?

  • Does the photographer answer all my questions in a timely manner?

  • Am I asking for a unique project, and does the photographer have that kind of expertise?

  • Do I understand what comes with my package (number of digital or printed images, length of session, timeline of payment, etc.)?

  • Is this photographer easy to get a hold of?

  • Do I like this photographer as a person and will spending time with this individual be fun?

Good luck to everyone as you look for that photographer that gives you just the experience and the products you dreamed of! If that's me (and I bet it is), then let's chat!

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