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Jacie and Dustin: Maternity Photos

It's finally my turn! For years, I've wanted to be a mom (basically my whole life)! And now it's here!

I will say, even when I was picturing motherhood, I didn't have many strong emotions about maternity photos for myself. For many women, pregnancy makes them feel regal. And that's amazing - I've worked with some truly stunning pregnant women over the years. For me, though, I just feel uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong - I'm grateful to be healthy and have healthy baby boys growing inside of me. Still, I knew that wearing a flowing dress on a fancy bridge would not document this time of life accurately.

Plus, even if I did feel more glamorous, there's still COVID making a mess of everything. Quarantine has played with all my emotions and anxiety, so it's been a difficult season of life for me.

I did still want maternity photos, but I had to put some creative energy into it. I wanted to document something a little closer to my reality - pizza cravings, milkshakes, comfy clothes, Harry Potter over baby books, and a husband stuck with loads of medical school work.

This is the end result. Yes, I did go ahead and do my hair and makeup (I'm not crazy), but I do think these images show off the truth of our lives right now. I hope you enjoy them.

So, the moral of the story is this: If you ever have off-the-wall or unique photo shoot ideas, please reach out to me! I am just the girl for the job!

P.S. Here are two black-and-white photos I made my husband take.

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