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Jacie: What props do I use?

This is a fairly common question I get. What props can people bring, and what props do I provide?

First, you can bring (almost) anything you want! Obviously nothing illegal or dangerous, but other than that, it's wide open. I've had clients bring their favorite books, plastic lightsabers, baby shoes and onesies, and even their dogs!

Second, I want to highlight a few of the props I have. To be honest, I don't bring a lot of extra things to my sessions. As a one-woman-show, I just can't carry everything. But, here are some general props I have readily on-hand:

  • Picnic blankets

  • Blue picture frame

  • Small blackboard

  • Flower crown

  • Bubbles

Keep scrolling to see some examples of how I've used these items in the past.

Of course, if you have any ideas or want to chat through options, that's totally welcome. Together, we might decide to bring some books, paper and pens, kid toys, food - the sky is the limit! I'm here to make your vision come to life, and that includes any special or unique ideas that come to you.

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