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Amaya: Senior Photos 2024

Off to bigger and better things! That's what graduations are for!

I was thrilled to take senior photos with Amaya! She's part of one of my favorite families, so I felt honored to be asked to capture this big milestone!

We took these photos in Terre Haute, near Rose Hulman. We found the most beautiful spots - an old hunting lodge, a lake, flowers and grasses, fences and rocks. It was all so picturesque that I could have stayed there for hours. The bugs had other plans for us, and we eventually left with a few extra bug bites. Oh's an occupational hazard.

Amaya is planning to study early education at St. Mary's of the Woods, and I think she'll do great in that field! She loves kids, and they love her.

Amaya brought a beautiful smile and sense of humor to the session. She tried out all my ideas and was such a good sport. She's a fun, lovable girl. I'm so glad I got to work with her!

Congrats, Amaya! Good luck taking your next steps!

Lots of love,


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