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Julia: Senior Photos 2023

Julia is about to take the world by storm!

This recent graduate from Herron High School is full of talents, skills, and power moves. And she's a beauty, too.

Julia attended a charter school and had to learn how to use public transportation to get to her classes (which is quite the feat in Indy, as we are not known for a good public transportation system). Mastering the buses to get around was a huge accomplishment for her, and I think she's ready to tackle our city as a working girl now!

If you could give advice to a graduating senior, what would you say?

I want Julia and her peers to know that they can change their minds, alter plans, take different paths, and it'll be okay. By all means, do your research, plan ahead, use your brain - but don't feel like a failure if you end up somewhere unexpected. It might just be more beautiful than your imaginings.

Congrats to Julia and all of my #classof2023 seniors!

Lots of love,


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