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Maylee: Senior Photos (Part 2)

As promised, here are my beautiful sister's second round of senior photos! If you want to see the first set, click here. Read on for sister shenanigans and lots of sarcasm (but mostly love).

We found this location on a random walk one day when I was house-hunting. I didn't end up moving to this neighborhood, but Maylee and I loved the trail! It's a bit of a hidden gem, in my opinion. I haven't seen many photos taken here.

Maylee is a dancer, so for the most part she is super graceful. She is almost always counting out steps or doing twirls and spins. Of course, if you saw any of the bloopers from this session, you'd see the very unladylike way she tromped through the was comical!

Then, of course, is her weird sense of humor. To get these laughs, all I said was "blood and guts" and she legitimately finds that funny.

Almost as funny as her Christmas list, which was prefaced with a note that said, "Remember, this is my last Christmas at home before I go to college, so make it good." *insert eye roll here*

We're sisters, so it's all in good fun. I'm sure she'll make fun of my outfit the next time she sees me.

Lots of love,


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