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Jacie: Variety on Business Projects

The past few months have been so busy over here at Jacie Creatives!

I've worked with a number of clients, and the variety has been good for my soul! I've helped order promotional items (shout-out to M2 Promotions and CustomInk for great products), worked on a sign and other logo office supplies (great work from Hightower Graphics and American Floor Mats), held a website training, and I'm currently building a website!

Thanks to these clients for trusting their businesses with me: Havenology, LLC, Bondurant Children's Chorus, Woodbury Financial Group, LLC, and Connected Canine Training! Working with you all has been great these past few months!

I love meeting my clients where they are and helping them make real incremental growth and progress. Sometimes the jobs are simple; other times they take weeks of work. Sometimes we meet in person, and other times it's virtual (which is great when I have clients in other states). It's all so good to me!

Let's keep building up our businesses together! If you need help with any of these items, reach out to me:

  • Branding photography

  • Social media or website training

  • Graphic or publication design and printing

  • Email marketing

Here's a list of my freelance communications services:

Lots of love,



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