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Ruge: Family Photos

Confession time. Meeting new people is hard for me.

BUT, meeting new clients is something I look forward to. Is there a little bit of anxiety in my stomach when I meet a new client? Yes. That's okay, because there is also fun and excitement and imagination and creativity filling my head and helping me do my job.

When I met the Ruge family at Thomas Mitchell Park, I'd never met them before. I found out that they are new to the area, which is something I can relate to. It was nice to welcome them to Des Moines and show them around one of the most beautiful spots in our community!

This family was so sweet and easy to work with! It was a cold day with clouds and wind, but everyone moved quickly and smiled beautifully! I think they were happy to be together. I mean, the brothers look like they love each other and their parents, right? Not going to lie...sometimes that's not easy to capture!

I'll admit, I especially love these couple photos! Models, right?

I'm really excited that I got to meet these nice people! Enjoy Iowa, Ruge family, and thanks for letting me capture some special moments for you!

Lots of love,


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