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Tanner: Family Photos

I think some of the nicest people collect in Iowa. We come for different reasons. Some stay, some don't. But, we are all blessed by knowing each other in Iowa. That's how I feel about the Tanner family.

These sweet people have helped babysit my boys when I need to work. I enjoy chatting with them and I appreciate all that they've done for me. I especially love how the Tanner kids love my babies - they are so sweet! Plus, this family is looking to adopt, and that is a huge indicator of their open hearts. If you've been on this site long, you know I'm a big advocate for adoption.

This session got started a little later in the evening, so we had to work with little light. Still, we got some of the fall colors and great smiles! The kids were in great spirits.

The best part was when the mom, Sarah, was pretending to pour candy on my head to get the kids to smile (hint: bringing candy to bribe your kids is 100% approved over here at Jacie Creatives). The thing is, she actually did pour the candy on me! And you know I ate it! She apologized, but I was thrilled to get a treat!

Note: I am very motivated by food.

Thanks for working with me, Tanner family!

Lots of love,


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