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Jacie: JC Couples Get Special Treatment

I have such a huge respect for brides. The best brides, in my opinion, want to celebrate a special day of love with their new husbands. They put their hearts into the details and they flaunt their beautiful personalities, but mostly they just want to be with their handsome princes!

That's how I was as a bride. I liked planning my wedding. I liked seeing the special details come together. I liked feeling like a princess. I liked seeing people enjoy the music and food. But mostly, I loved knowing I'd be with my husband forever!

That's why I take care of my brides! They deserve my attention and my professional best. So, what can a JC bride expect?

1. A fair discussion about price. Yes, wedding photography is hard work. The price for wedding photography is higher than a typical portrait session, because so much is at stake with these special once-in-a-lifetime moments and hours of editing are required to handle so many images. But, I know every bride has a budget and I have the utmost respect for that. I discuss all pricing and timing options with my brides so that we find the best solution for everyone.

2. A friend who cares. I send all my brides a questionnaire to help us figure out the logistics of the day, but also to get to know her and her future husband. Some people love dancing, some people love Disney songs, and some people love cowboy boots. I want to get to know my couples' likes and dislikes so that I can look for special shots that I know they'll love! I love becoming friends with my clients - especially my brides! As your friend, I'll do my part to make sure your wedding day is fantastic!

3. A great product. When you get your photos back after the editing process, I know you're going to love them! I've taken the time to find the right images and highlight them in just the right way. I'm proud of my work, so I want my couples to love their photos as much as I do!

4. A special treat! JC brides are sent a special treat for booking me as their wedding photographer. The gift is usually a Mary Kay item from Mandy Hancock, an MK representative in central Indiana who loves brides as much as I do! She's great! This gift is my way of thanking you for trusting me with this important job. I appreciate your business. Plus, JC brides get engagement photo options at a discounted rate! Another treat for my lovely ladies.

Are you ready to start the discussion about your wedding photography? As a professional, I promise to work with you to come up with a plan that you will love and produce photos of special moments that you will love even more! Please get in touch with me. I can't wait to hear from you!

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