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Jacie: How Do I Use My Professional Images?

One cool thing about my photography is the variety it brings to my life. I have a wide variety of clients who have a wide variety of photography needs.

Some clients are documenting an event, like a wedding. Some are documenting a special time of life, like a maternity session. Some are simply documenting the present, like a fun family session that brings laughs and smiles to everyone's faces.

Similarly, some clients know how they want to use their photos. They have a vision in mind for a canvas or metal print, or have bought a special frame for the mantle. They have the layout of the invitation designed and ready to go. They have their professional profile edited and prepared, just waiting to add the right photo to get the job.

Others aren't so sure what to do with their images. They are happy to have their loved ones documented and have already shared the album with Facebook friends. But, then what?

I am here to tell you that, as a photographer, nothing is more rewarding than seeing my photos USED. I get so excited seeing clients share images on social media. But, the best feeling is seeing the images displayed in the clients' homes. In fact, I asked a few people to send me some examples. You can see several below (sorry for the quality - they are cell phone shots).

So, in case you need some inspiration, here are some ideas for photo usage (aside from social media of course - that's a given!).

1. Get a canvas or metal print. Don't be afraid to get a big size. Make a statement. Highlight your gorgeous family! I like Shutterfly and Simple Canvas Prints, but you can go anywhere. In fact, many online stores have ongoing sales!

2. Frame it. Get a frame that matches your decor or shows off your personality while highlighting the tone of the photograph. Again, don't be afraid to be bold! I recommend printing a nice copy of the image from Shutterfly based on the size of the frame you have.

3. Make photobooks. I like to make photo books for special events and weddings in my life. It's like scrapbooking, but not quite as messy. Shutterfly often offers specials on their photo books.

4. Turn it into a gift. There are all kinds of personalization websites that will allow you to use your image on a candle, ornament, apron, mouse pad, calendar, etc. Think of fun ways to use your images, and share them with people who will love them (hint: grandparents can't get enough!). I recommend Personalization Mall, Personal Creations, and Shutterfly.

5. Use it for an invitation. Use a maternity picture in a baby shower invitation, or senior photos for an 18th birthday! Everyone will love the striking visuals much more than generic cards from the dollar store (but if you use those, no judgement here - I love discount cards!).

6. Update your professional profile. Whether it's on LinkedIn or a personal website, keeping your professional profile updated is important. If you have a good head shot from a recent session, consider using it for your headshot. Depending on your industry and the context of the photo, it may be a great option! (Hint: If you decide you need formal head shots, I can definitely help you - just contact me).

7. Add it to the Christmas card. This is a big one! While I love Christmas photo sessions (contact me if you're interested in scheduling one), they can be hard to book. There is weather and holiday craziness that always seems to get in the way. If you find yourself wanting to add a photo to your family Christmas card but didn't get images with Santa props and snow, it's ok. Use your most recent family photo from that session at the park, or the one of the kids playing in fall leaves. I know it goes against the theme of Christmas, but I think everyone will still enjoy seeing how your family has grown over the year. (Hint: If you're like me and choose to send out ecards, I suggest Paperless Post for lots of cute free options!)

Those are my seven tips for using images from professional photo sessions! I love seeing updated profile pictures on social media, but I am confident that you'll love seeing your photographs in your home even more.

Update: Here are a few of the canvases and book I printed from my trip from to England last year! Irina Aksenova was our photographer, and I hope she knows her amazing work hangs on our walls every day! They are great reminders of an amazing trip!

Learn more about my photo session here.

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