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Jacie: What's in my bag?

This post is not as exciting as some of my others, but I sometimes get asked what's in my camera bag. I'm here to tell you!

1. The Bag

First, let's start with the bag itself. It's a Filemate ECO Deluxe SLR Camera Backpack. I like that the inside compartments are adjustable, and it's water repellent (an extremely handy feature). It's purple because - well, I just like purple (if they had a pink option, you better bet I'd have gotten that). It was also extremely affordable on Amazon. I highly recommend backpacks as opposed to shoulder bags. I've learned that evenly distributing weight is vital to reducing pain on my back and shoulders, especially during long weddings. I love this bag overall. My only complaint is that I wish it had more outside pockets for my phone, keys, water bottles, etc.

2. Camera and Lens #1

I call this my People Magazine camera, because I think it takes the most beautiful portraits. The lens is a Nikon 3.5 mm, and the body is a Nikon D7200. These were game-changers for me when I bought them last year. Yes, I can switch out the lens with my other camera, but I like these two together. The prime lens doesn't zoom, so I actually have to physically move if I want to change my distance to the subject. But, I can't argue with the outstanding results!

3. Camera and Lens #2

This is my trusty camera and lens. I've used these for years, and I still use them often, especially for large group or action pictures. The lens is a Sigma 17-70 mm (cheaper than Nikon, but still good), and the body is a Nikon D3200. Yes, I'm a Nikon girl. The zoom lens is vital for event photography, but I use it for all kinds of sessions. Sometimes you just don't have the flexibility of moving around all over the place as quickly as you like; the zoom allows me to get a variety of shots without moving my feet. As I mentioned, I can switch out the lenses on the camera bodies if I want to; this just seems to be the best set-up for me.

4. Speedlite (Flash)

This is a DBK i-TTL Speedlite Flash DF-660. I only use this for indoor receptions, really. I am a natural light photographer through and through, but I do understand that some situations call for indoor photography. This speedlite has not been easy to figure out, and it has a pretty small battery life, but it gets the job done when I need it to.

5. Harness and Straps

To be honest, I can't remember when I got my harness, but the brand is Focus. I love it. I generally only use it for weddings, when I need both cameras out at the same time. The harness allows me to safely hang one camera at my side while having the other around my neck. As for my straps (seen in the pictures above) - one is the standard Nikon neck strap that came with the camera when I bought it. The other is an upgrade I got for Christmas from my parents; it's from LIFEMATE and it is so much more comfortable for my neck than the standard Nikon strap. Both the harness and the gray strap were very affordable.

Everything else in the bag is the boring maintenance stuff - cleaning cloths and brushes, extra batteries, chargers, etc. But you get the idea.

I really love my equipment and the word it helps me accomplish. Of course, I'm always looking to improve and grow, so I'm sure in a few years I'll need to make a new blog post with updated equipment. I'll let you know!

P.S. No, none of this is sponsored.

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