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Jacie: My Style of Photography & Editing

"Style" might be one of the most elusive elements for photographers' businesses. We try to keep up with trends while also being unique. We try to share our vibes while also incorporating the ideas of our clients. We try to learn and practice new techniques while also striving for consistency. Honestly, "style" can be one of the hardest parts of this job.

If I HAD to define my style, I guess I'd do it this way....

  • As a trained journalist, I do want a sense of reality and storytelling in my images. That means I try to get my couples to walk and talk and engage with each other, creating moments we can all enjoy. I try to avoid stiff poses.

  • My desire for reality also means I avoid heavy editing. I always edit for lighting and coloring, and I'm happy to get rid of a few pesky pimples, but I don't change my clients' appearance or background.

  • In editing, I aim for mood and consistency. I want colors, and I want the pictures to look like they go together. Right now, I'm committed to a light matte finish that reduces 100% blacks and white. I love the timeless, classic effect it provides.

My style is always changing and evolving, so I appreciate my clients' patience and trust. Here's to a constant learning process - cheers!

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