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Cataldi: Family Photos 2023

This photo shoot brought me so much joy. Happy people, sweet baby, memorable place.

Meet Erin, John, and little Pia. She just turned one, and her grandmother gifted the family a special photo session to commemorate the occasion!

Pia was a sweetheart. She looked absolutely adorable in her outfits, and her smile was so heartwarming. My favorite part was how much joy she brought to her parents. I could tell they have a lot of love for her. As a fellow parent, I know that feeling, and I wanted to capture it with my camera.

We met at Province Park in Franklin. It's one of the most beautiful spots in the central part of the state! It's a typical park with a playground, shelters, and a little creek. But, what I love most, is the garden area. There are beautiful winding steps, stately columns, and charming cobblestone - it's like a little magical fairytale spot right in the middle of Indiana!

Erin, I hope you and your family had as much fun as I did! I hope we can work together again and capture more of Pia's cute smiles!

Lots of love,


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