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Jacie: An Overview of My Freelance Marketing Work

A lot of people are still learning that I do freelance marketing and communications work for small businesses and nonprofits. I thought I'd share a bit more information about this aspect of my job.

My degree is in journalism and public relations, and right after graduation I jumped into working specifically with digital media. I worked for a florist company and the Lt. Governor's office before diving into nonprofit work.

Now, I have a variety of clients who work with me for one-off projects and for long-term communications efforts. These clients have included nonprofits, authors, farmers, accountants, lawyers, etc. I also do some pro bono work for schools, nonprofits, and churches.

Here are a few of my recent achievements for my clients:

  1. Gained media attention in several local publications for Jodie Campbell, author of There Was a Zookeeper.

  2. Shot high-quality event photos for Franklin College featuring guest lecturers and professors, some published in news outlets.

  3. Created and managed social media accounts for First Aid for the Blind, in addition to website creation, business card design, and blog writing for FAFTB.

  4. Raised nearly $1000 directly for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

  5. Garnered thousands of page views for parenting blogs covering newsworthy, timely, and relevant topics such as music, sustainability, and budgeting.

This list is so short compared to the daily work I put in for my clients, but it highlights a few things that bring my pride and showcase my skills and dedication. If you want to get more details about my work, follow me on LinkedIn!

If you or someone you know needs freelance work in the marketing realm, email me at I'm happy to brainstorm ideas with you and help you find solutions!

Lots of love,


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