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Jacie: Children's Book Product Photos

Do you know what every business needs? Good photos! You can use them for all kinds of marketing pieces - fliers, social media posts, advertisements, etc. Seriously, all businesses need high-quality photos.

That's why I took the liberty of taking a few lifestyle-esque product photos for my client Jodie Campbell. She just released this adorable children's book, There Was a Zookeeper. I have been privileged to help Jodie out with marketing this little literary treasure, and I also get the blessing of reading it often to my boys!

(It's a really good book! You should buy a copy!)

For these images, I wanted to show what the book would look like in a real home, not just on a white backdrop. So these photos were taken in my own house, and I love how they turned out!

Jodie, I hope you can use these gems in your marketing!

Lots of love,


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