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Jacie: Communications Worksheets for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Jacie Creatives has just launched a new product - yay!

I have about a decade of communications/public relations experience, and I've worked in a variety of industries. The product I created is a series of worksheets (with a tutorial video to go along with them) that will help entrepreneurs and others think about their communications efforts intentionally. The goal is to reach your audience effectively and efficiently.

This training will teach you about:

  • brand standards

  • audience personas

  • communications assets, and more!

  • tips and tricks for logos, fonts, social media, etc.!

You can do the worksheets on the computer or print them off to complete by hand. The short video to work through the documents with you and explain terminology, best practices, etc. All in all, I estimate that most people would complete the training in an hour, on average.

Is this the kind of help you need? Check out this resource today and make an affordable investment in your work!

If you want more assistance or personalized help, contact me at

Lots of love,



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