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Senior Photos: London and Nora in Unique, Fun Photo Shoots

This is exactly the kind of photography I love doing! Seniors who are up for some goofy, off-the-wall times and crazy ideas that just pop into my head!

I reached out to Nora and London myself to instigate these photo sessions. I've always wanted to take photos at ice cream or candy shops. So many of them are adorable, and I thought it could be really fun and different. Don't get me wrong - I love finding beautiful lakes and woodland clearings and parks for dreamy sessions. But, doing something unique every once in awhile can be so fun! Both girls were totally in, and I love that about them!

For London, we visited Home Sweet Cone in Waukee, Iowa. This is a fairly new business and it's an adorable shop. Honestly, the ice cream is so good (and pretty affordable), that I end up going there with my kids at least once a month. London was great, as expected. Without getting in the way of other customers, we took advantage of all the cute décor and fully enjoyed our time there!

Nora and I went to Great American Cookies and Marble Slab Creamery in Ankeny, Iowa. I spend a lot of money here, too; my husband and I are addicted to their cookies! Nora was so sweet! We got to laughing and talking, and it made for a very natural session. I think she liked her banana ice cream, too.

I love working with people who are open to ideas! Thanks for being so fun to work with, ladies!

Lots of love,


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