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Jacie: Launching New Online Training Courses

Updated: Jan 17

It's 2024, and that means this business has new opportunities to serve small businesses and nonprofits!

Jacie Creatives has revamped the Find Your IDEAL Target Audience course to provide more value to participants. Additionally, there are two new free courses that can aid your professional development and improve your business communications.

Take a look at the details:


  • Find Your IDEAL Target Audience: This course comes with worksheets that I walk you through, all to make your communications more effective and efficient. You'll learn how to identify people who want to do business with you and come up with the best ways to reach them, without feelings of overwhelm or confusion.

  • Don't Pay for Ads: This FREE mini course can stop you from wasting money on ineffective ads! Instead, I offer several alternatives that will get your name out there without breaking the bank.

  • Instagram Ideas for Introverts: This FREE mini course will kickstart your brainstorming session regarding social media content. In just a few minutes you'll have several prompts - all professional, tailored to your business - that anyone can create!

These courses are meant to help everyone working in a small business or nonprofit, and even those starting a side hustle. They are affordable and accessible for all! They are also easy and quick. You could complete all three courses in a single morning, if you wanted to!

Don't wait to improve your business communications. With these courses, you'll make huge strides in professionalism, efficacy, and efficiency.

Of course, if you have any questions about these trainings, reach out to me at

Lots of love,


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