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Jacie: Buy, Save, and Give This Holiday Season

I'm about to share with you some amazing opportunities this season! I want to dive right in!

First, I am giving away 50 percent of the money earned from my site sales to Indy's Giving Machines. If you haven't heard about it, it's a vending machine that allows you to choose how to donate your money. The best part is, whoever makes an order will get a say in what donation is selected! I'll send a survey to each buyer so you can help me choose how to donate the money!

Next, if you want to purchase a gift card to give your loved ones this holiday season, I would be happy to help! Just send me an email at and we'll specify the dollar amount and other details. This is a wonderful gift for a mother or mother-in-law, grandparents, an expecting mommy, a newly married couple, a friend, or another special individual!

Also, if you are buying for a child this year (especially one who loves books, I highly recommend this: There Was a Zookeeper. This is a super cute tale about decision-making, forgiveness, and friendship. My client, Jodie, has put her heart and soul into this book. It would be a great gift for nieces and nephews, grandchildren, Sunday school kids, preschool teachers, and others!

If you are looking to save money with all your shopping this year, I also have a few recommendations. I use both of these regularly and they have already helped to supplement my holiday budget this year. Please consider using my referral codes:

Fetch: Sign up w/ code C9H7J & get 100 pts:

As always, thanks for supporting my business and helping me reach my goals. When you work with a small business like mine, you are literally helping a family pay bills, go on vacation, put their kids in extracurricular activities, etc. It means the world!

Lots of love,


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