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Jacie Creatives: Cards and Art

This girl has made one of her dreams come true!

Many of you know by now that Jacie Creatives is now offering products - artwork and cards! I have wanted to do this for several years, and now it's happening!

I finally made the commitment when I took a business class last fall. It was crazy - I would hold my babies and work on this class on weekends and also try to keep the rest of my life going. But I did it! This class forced me to make my business a priority, to think through barriers and solutions, to plan out my goals, and more. I came to believe that offering art and cards makes good business sense.

So, what makes these products special? Well, the greetings cards and postcards were created with feedback from a focus group, so I feel confident that they appeal to a variety of people. They are hopeful, colorful, and kind. There are no messages inside the greeting cards, making them perfect for birthdays, weddings, graduations, illnesses, homecomings, baptisms, and any occasion that calls for well wishes! They truly are so handy to have at home when you want to send a thank you note or let a loved one know you care for them. Plus, they are printed on recycled paper, which I think is awesome (and is becoming an important part of my life and my business). And, for the greeting cards, the envelopes are self-sealing (no need to share yucky germs by licking anything!).

These products celebrate America, especially the Midwest. They honor nature in all seasons. They encourage kindness - a kind word to loved ones. They support my small business, artistry, and family. I'm so proud of this work, and I thank you for your interest!

If you'd like to order your set, visit my SHOP page and use code FREESHIPPING to get your cards now. I think you'll love these products - I love using them in my own life to share beauty and sweet messages with loved ones.

Lots of love,


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