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Kinsley: Adoption Photos

If you know me at all, you know that I love adoption. My sister was adopted, and my husband and I plan to adopt in the future. It's an incredibly important cause to me; I want all children to feel loved, wanted, protected, and cared for.

That's why this session was so meaningful. Sheena and Caleb are longtime clients of mine. The recently adopted a teenager, Sharon. Then, they got an emergency placement of another teen, Kinsley. Eventually, they were permitted to adopt Kinsley, too, making her an official part of the family.

Sheena asked if I would join them in the courtroom for the finalization of the adoption, and then take family photos outside. I could not have screamed YES more emphatically!

Because Sheena and Caleb were willing to open their hearts and home to others, they built a family. They get the opportunity, privilege, responsibility, and joy of loving and caring for these two beautiful girls.

Sharon and Kinsley now get to be sisters, united in giggles and stories and love. Sisterhood is beautiful.

I was so overwhelmed watching this adoption that I cried in the courtroom. I'm not even embarrassed about it. I'm so touched that I could witness the growing of a family through adoption, and capture SO MUCH LOVE AND SUPPORT!

Sheena, Caleb, Sharon, and Kinsley, thank you for letting me be with you on this very special day!

Lots of love,


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