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Mayzin: Senior Photos 2022

Meet Mayzin, a graduating senior! She's a book-loving beauty who loves Taylor Swift *almost* as much as I do.

Mayzin is one of my sister's best friends, which makes sense because my sister needs someone just like me in her life. Mayzin shares with her some fun new reads and they spend a lot of time going over their homework together.

We wanted to take pictures at Garfield Park, but torrential rain made us rethink our plans. We ended up in the beautiful Greenwood Public Library. They have cute lighting, lots of seating options, and plenty of space. Luckily, the library really fits Mayzin well, so we weren't too disappointed.

I'm so glad I got to do Mayzin's senior pictures! She is pretty, fun, smart, and she's going to do amazing things after high school. I'm sure of it.

Congrats, Mayzin!

Lots of love,


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