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Roach & Delk: Family Photos 2023

Some of my favorite clients are back for more!

Sheena and Caleb are longtime clients of mine. We connected years ago, long before I was in Iowa or COVID or anything else. They are awesome people.

Now, they have two teen daughters who they adopted. You might remember that I was actually able to take photos of Kinsley's adoption right there in the courtroom. It was a really special experience that still brings me such a feeling of gratitude and honor.

Kinsley and Sharon are just a few months apart in age, and they are the coolest sisters. They do each other's hair, share stories of schoolwork and teachers, and have tons of inside jokes. Seriously, these girls do not stop giggling! I love seeing them together and can't help but feel so much awe for the beauty of adoption in uniting families - not just parents to kids, but siblings to each other.

For this session, we met up at Hummel Park in Plainfield. This was the first time I'd ever been here, but I would take sessions here any time! There are gazebos, trails, woods, bridges, fields - a little bit of everything all in a tight space! So, if anyone needs a suggestion for a photo spot, I strongly recommend Hummel Park!

Sheena, Caleb, Kinsley, and Sharon, thanks so much for including me in your lives once again! You are all very special to me!

Lots of love,


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