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Evans: Wedding Photos 2023

I don't photograph weddings much these days, but when I do, it's AMAZING!

I didn't meet Anita and Corban until their wedding day. Their family booked me, as the wedding would be in Indianapolis (where I live), but the groom is from Ohio, the bride is from California, and they met at college at Idaho. I have to admit that not knowing the couple ahead of time always makes me a little nervous. But I was quickly put at ease with these beautiful people!

First, I was amazed my all the smiles and laughter. Sadly, that's not the norm on wedding days. Usually the stress brings out a few negative moments. But that was not the case this time! The family was so much fun, and the bride and groom were a true joy to work with!

I mean, their love is obvious. They smiled just looking at each other. There was comfort in every touch and kiss. And the inside jokes made it clear that they had a strong bond!

I also have to mention that Anita did her own hair and makeup! Like...what? She was STUNNING! She created a flawless look on that lovely Joey King doppelgänger face. She picked out an out-of-this world dress with flowing, draping sleeves that gave off such romantic, whimsical vibes. And every girl was just right in her beautiful dark hair. Seriously, Anita, are you sure you want to study computer science? You could be an incredibly successful makeup artist or hair stylist - I'd hire you!

Luckily, we also had great weather - one of the first good weekends we had this spring. The Indianapolis temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is always a perfect place to feel love; it's especially nice in the sunshine.

Overall, I'm so grateful I got to participate in this wedding. Corban and Anita, thanks for including me. I wish you an eternity of joy, and I hope our worlds collide again so we can work together in the future.

Lots of love,


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